How To Use Your Home's Security System To Monitor A Rebellious Teen

The teen years often bring rebellion. Although most parents know about this, they may feel at a loss when it comes to ensuring their teen is safe an that the rebellion is staying on the harmless side of things. If you're worried about your child but you can't be home to monitor them as often as you would like, you will be relieved to find out that you can use a home security system to keep behavior in check. This guide can help show you how.

Monitor the Entrance

It's easy for a teen to fib about what time they get home, especially if you are gone at work all day. Fortunately, a modern security system set to bypass key locks with an access pad instead can solve this problem. Assign your teen their own personal entrance code. The more sophisticated systems can record the time of each usage, so you can monitor not only the time you child returned home, but also whether they left and returned again later.

Security Cameras

A few well-placed cameras can help keep a teenager on task. Place one near the homework station in your home, such as the computer desk or dining room table. Your security system provider can set these up so they can be remotely accessed on your computer at work. You can then verify that your teen is attending to their work with the click of the mouse. Some security systems even allow you to monitor the cameras from your smartphone, so you can keep an eye on things even if you are on the road.

Arm the Windows

Sneaking out can be a problem with some teens. The window in their room is usually the exit of choice. Window alarms can put a stop to this. Simply install the alarms on any window your teen may be tempted to try. These alarms can even be set so you can open windows slightly at night for a breeze, but opening them any further will trigger the alarm.

Control the Alarm Code

You may need to make sure that your teen cannot override the alarm once you are in bed for the night. If this is the case, you will need an alarm system that sets different priorities to different alarm codes. For example, the system will only allow your teen's code to deactivate the front door during certain hours of the day, so they cannot use it to turn off the alarm to sneak out the back door, or to deactivate the alarm after 10 pm so they can go out the front.

Contact a local home security company for more ideas on how you can use a home security system to keep your family safe. 

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