The 411 Before The 911: Understanding What Commercial Sprinkler Tests Encompass

If you own a commercial property, it is essential that your sprinkler system is in working order. Perhaps you have had your system inspected, but you may not have had a full appreciation or understanding of the work performed by the technicians. The following information will aid in giving you a better understanding of four tests that may be performed on commercial sprinkling systems. It may appear as though the technicians are "poking around," but their tests are essential. 

Antifreeze Test

If your business is located in an area that has harsh winters, your sprinkler system likely utilizes antifreeze. This aids in preventing the water in the sprinkler system from freezing up. Without antifreeze, it is possible that pipes could also burst making access to water impossible or difficult. The tests performed for this part of a sprinkler system test involve ensuring that the sprinkler system is not connected to any source of water that is used for drinking water due to the health hazard that antifreeze poses. It further ensures that the antifreeze in the system is at the correct concentration. 

Fire Hydrant Flow Test

This involves ensuring that the fire hydrant(s) your business will need in the event of a fire are operational. The hydrant flow test involves a professional observing the water flow from a hydrant, which aids in ensuring that important aspects such as water pressure are correct. It also aids in eliminating foreign material that may build up in hydrants that are rarely or never used. Malfunctioning or worn parts are replaced, and the technicians may apply lubricant to portions of the fire hydrant as needed to ensure ease of operation. 

Standpipe Flow Test

The standpipes of sprinkler systems that are installed in buildings that have multiple levels, and they seamlessly connect the sprinkler system to hoses at each level of buildings. They are essential because they aid in ensuring that water pressure is not lost when the sprinkler system is activated and that it will be optimal at all levels of the building with a focus on ensuring pressure is not lost at higher levels.

Fire Sprinkler Hydrotest

This test also involves checking to ensure that water is able to go through the entire system correctly. All parts of the system are inspected. Imagine leaks in piping or other areas of the fire system having damages. Water pressure may be impacted, and it may also mean that the sprinklers do not fully activate, which may mean unnecessary property losses. This test identifies those areas and technicians replace piping or other parts as needed.

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