3 Reasons To Install A Security Camera System In A Daycare Facility

If you own a daycare center, the installation of a security camera system can be quite beneficial. Here are a few reasons why:

Cameras can be used to discourage abuse.

Even though you thoroughly screen your employees, an incident of abuse can still arise without appropriate measures to discourage it from happening. If a daycare worker is tempted to neglect or abuse a small child, he or she will be discouraged by the presence of a security camera. These cameras not only help discourage abuse, they can record any instances of improper actions on the part of your employees. Although you may be a bit uncomfortable about spying on an employee, when the safety of children is in jeopardy, the use of cameras is more than reasonable.

The cameras can substantiate or unseat an allegation of abuse.

If a worker is accused of abusing a child, the footage from a security camera can prove or disprove it. This can be specially especially helpful in situations in which a parent believes that abuse has happened and the worker denies it. Thus, it can prevent you from taking legal or disciplinary action against a childcare worker who has acted appropriately.

If a worker has been involved in abuse, it can also serve as evidence when you advise law enforcement of what has happened.

In some instances, security cameras have recorded footage of workers shaking babies roughly in what appears to be an effort to console them. Shaking a baby can result in developmental problems, including issues with a child's eyesight, speech, hearing and age-appropriate learning. To determine the type of abuse and the severity of the actions, the footage can be reviewed by a medical professional so that a parent can be reassured concerning the possible medical outcome of the incident.

Security cameras in a daycare system can help protect all of the center's occupants.

By installing security cameras at the entrances to your building, you can be aware of who is entering the daycare facility at all times. In addition, you are able to see whether or not the person is carrying a visible weapon. Nowadays, with many public shootings happening in facilities that teach or care for children, this can be especially helpful in avoiding a disaster. If a person is spotted with a weapon, the facility can be quickly locked down, and law enforcement can be called.

If you are interested in installing a security camera system in your daycare facility, contact a security system company, such as Alarm Research Inc, in your area.

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