3 Ways To Feel Safe Again After A Break-In

After someone breaks into your home, your insurance may cover the economic loss but it's sometimes more difficult to cope with the emotional ramifications. A break-in may leave you feeling scared, vulnerable, and anxious. It's important to take this time to do things that will make your home more secure, reduce the likelihood of a future break-in, and restore your peace of mind and feeling of safety. Here are three ways to feel safe again after a break-in:

Have an Alarm System Installed

Having an alarm system installed after a break-in is one of the best things you can do to restore your feeling of safety. The presence of an alarm system is often an effective deterrent against potential burglars, who may move onto another home rather than risk setting off an alarm.

If someone does attempt to break into your home, an armed alarm system will immediately notify the appropriate authorities, who will then be at your home within minutes. Many alarm systems can now be monitored and controlled via a smartphone app so you always know what's going on at home.  

Add More Exterior Lighting

If they can't break in under cover of darkness, most would-be criminals will opt out of breaking into your home. A well-lit home will reduce the risk of a future break-in while also helping you and your family feel more safe when walking from your car to your home in the evening. LED exterior lighting will provide plenty of illumination without having much affect on your electricity bill. Motion-activated flood lights are a great addition because they will come on as soon as someone approaches your home, but not stay on the rest of the time.

Add a Doorbell Camera

Finally, consider adding a doorbell camera. Whether you are home or away, you can see who is at your front door via the high definition video feed. If someone knocks on the door when you're home alone, you can check the camera feed on your smartphone and even speak to whoever it is through the two-way intercom. Doorbell cameras also allow you to view and save missed footage, so if there is an attempted break-in or vandalism, you will be able to provide the video for the police.

Being the victim of a burglary is never pleasant, but by following these steps you will rest easy knowing your home and family are much more secure. Contact a security company, like Videotec Corporation, for more help.

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