Parts Of A Security System That Work Together To Keep Your Home Safe

A good home security system is made up of a variety of monitors and alarms. While video cameras play an important role in protecting your home, they aren't the only form of security you should have. Here's a look at some other features you may want in your security system.

Disaster Monitors

Your home should be protected from disasters as well as intruders. Some alarms you may want to include are smoke detectors, heat sensors, a carbon monoxide monitor, a temperature monitor, and a water detecting device. With all these in place, your home is monitored for fire, water leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and extreme temperatures that could cause pipe freezing. These monitoring devices have audible alarms, but they can also send an alarm to a remote monitoring station so someone can be notified of a potential problem in your home. These alarms keep your family safe and they can protect a vacation home that's often vacant.

Door And Window Alarms

Your doors and windows can be easy targets for intruders. There are various types of alarms and sensors you can place on your doors and windows that sense when they're opened or when glass is broken. When movement or noise is detected, an alarm sounds to warn you and scare off an intruder.

Motion-Detecting Lights

Lights are simple home security measures, but they can be effective at thwarting intruders who prefer to work under cover of darkness. You may want exterior lighting to shine on your home all night, but adding motion detecting lights is also helpful. These lights come on as an intruder approaches and this can be enough to scare them away. You can place motion-detecting lights inside your home as well as outside, and the lights can also be coupled with an audible alarm for the most protection.

A Control Panel

While a security system has several individual parts, they can all be controlled through a central control panel that allows you to activate them and deactivate them by inputting a code. This makes it easy to remember to set all your alarms when you leave or go to bed at night. The control panel may be powered by electricity and have a battery backup, and it may use Wi-Fi to send alarms to a monitoring service or your smartphone.

Signs And Stickers

When you have a home security system, you should let intruders know by placing signs in your yard or on your house to let them know your home is protected and being monitored by video. This might be enough to deter criminals from trying to break in since intruders often choose homes that are the easiest and least risky to bother.

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