Replacement Keys: Is Your New Company Growing Too Fast?

If your startup company is growing faster than you ever imagined, you may hire a few extra people to meet the demands of your customers. But if you don't have enough office or building keys to distribute to your new employees, you want to obtain replacement keys right away. Learn how replacement keys can benefit you and what you can do to secure the keys below.

Why Should You Use Replacement Keys?

Although your company is thriving right now, you may not have the luxury of installing high-tech security locks and keying systems on all of your doors. It may be easier and more affordable for you to make copies of the keys you already have on hand.

Replacement keys are typically exact duplicates of your original keys. The replacements should lock and unlock the same doors, windows, or filing cabinets as the original set of keys. However, the replacement keys should lack the knicks, scratches, and other imperfections your original keys may have on them.

As a security precaution, avoid obtaining replacement keys for anything in your building that you don't want other people to access, such as your cash registers or safes. You can replace these keys as your company grows or as you see fit to do so.

Once you obtain the replacement keys you need, take steps to secure them.

What Security Steps Should You Take With Your Keys?

As with original keys, replacement keys can break or become lost over time. If you're concerned about losing your replacement keys in the future, have each employee sign a key distribution form stating the date, time, and location they received their keys. Place the forms inside your employee's records or files. Employees who leave the company should return the keys directly to you before they exit the building.

You also want to keep extra copies of your replacement keys in a secure location, such as a safe or locked cabinet. The extra keys will come in handy if your company continues to grow or expand in the future. 

If you have any problems replacing the keys to your building, consult a locksmith right away. A locksmith can examine your keys to see if they require adjusting, cleaning, or another service. A locksmith may also be able to provide the replacement keys you need. 

Learn how replacement keys can make it easier on your startup company by calling or emailing a locksmith today.

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