Ways Surveillance Can Help Even in a Low-Crime Area

If you live in a great part of town and don't have to worry too much about crimes such as break-ins and robberies, you may feel that residential surveillance systems aren't that important to your lifestyle. However, a surveillance system is always great insurance against the unlikely event of a crime, and it can still help you in a low-crime neighborhood.

Here are a few ways that surveillance can be helpful even if your area is practically crime-free.

Helping with remote access control

If you're away from home a lot, you may need to have contractors, dog walkers, or even relatives access your home while you're out. In some cases, your dog walker or family member may not be as diligent with access control (such as keeping the door locked during their visit) as you yourself would be. Having a surveillance system that includes security cameras around the doors of your home (so they know they're on camera) could be the incentive needed to help others take these security precautions.

Some surveillance systems can even connect to your smartphone or other devices, so you can check who's at your door before deciding whether to grant them access via your front door's smart lock. This can put you in total control of who accesses your home.

Deterring porch pirates

Porch pirates can strike anywhere. And worse, they know that high-class neighborhoods like your own are some of the best spots to find high-value packages. While a surveillance system won't absolutely prevent someone from snatching your package, a prominent security camera could make them think twice about targeting your porch. And if they do try to move into your neighborhood and start stealing your packages, a surveillance system can help the police catch them more easily.

Showing what's eating your flowers

Criminals aren't the only type of marauder that can damage your property. Animals, birds, and insects can all cause damage as well. If something has been leaving holes in your siding, digging in your garden bed, or eating your favorite flowers, your surveillance system may be able to solve the mystery of what's causing the damage. You'll then be able to take the correct steps to ensure the problem doesn't recur and cause further damage.

Letting you know who's outside

Surveillance systems aren't just for protecting your house when you're away. A security camera system that lets you access the video feed from your smart device can also let you see when people are driving up to your house and who is standing on your front porch. This vital information can help you know what to expect when the doorbell rings.

As you see, the benefits of residential surveillance doesn't begin and end with deterring graffiti and catching the perpetrators of home break-ins. A surveillance system can help you stay in control of who accesses your house and can help deter criminals such as porch pirates to keep the already-low crime rates in your area as low as possible. Keep these tips in mind when looking for residential surveillance systems near you.

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