5 Reasons To Switch To Key Fob Security Systems

Keyless entry systems have largely replaced key systems because of their convenience in managing security. Key fobs are one type of earlier keyless entry systems. They are easy to program. In many commercial premises, key fob security systems are used to monitor movements on the premises. They also double up as productivity tools. You can deploy hundreds of key fobs, all easily managed on a local PC or a cloud platform. So, what advantages do key fobs bring to your workplace?

1. Easy Permission Access and Revocation 

Key fobs are easy to set up and manage. They can be programmed to grant or revoke access to a specific location or a group of people. You can also generate one-time passwords for specific users. This system makes controlling access to restricted areas easy. Key fob systems effectively manage high-traffic premises because they can be issued and revoked easily. 

2. Easy Productivity Monitoring      

There are two ways of monitoring workplace productivity: physical presence and data. Key fobs provide an easy way to track individuals' presence on the job. They also allow you to make sure that employees are not stealing time from work by clocking in at one place while they are at another. 

3. Resistant to Lock Picking Attempts      

Key fob security systems are designed to be resistant to lock picking attempts. Even when someone tries to pick a key fob, the chances of success are slim. The keys are also not easy to duplicate without access to the management app, so the threat of break-ins is also minimized. 

4. Hygienic and Contactless Operations     

Contactless key fobs eliminate the need to touch anything on your premises; they can be read by sensors from a distance away. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination between people and things. It also makes it easier to manage hygiene on your premises. It gives a more professional look and assures your health-conscious clients. 

5. Easy Integration with Other Systems

Key fobs can easily integrate with other security systems in your workplace. The system can be integrated with your CCTV, access control, and other security systems. This makes it easier to monitor the movements of your employees and visitors on your premises. You can also use these systems for asset movement tracking, including your company car and other company vehicles.

Are you looking to upgrade your commercial premises access and security? Talk to security systems installers about deploying key fob security systems for enhanced security.

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