6 Reasons To Consider Security Cameras At Your Business

Video security equipment is common at many businesses in America these days. You may be unsure about asking security surveillance installers to put in equipment, but you can assess your needs based on the following six criteria.

High-Crime Area 

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most common reasons that people request a video surveillance installation at a business. If your business is situated in a high-crime area, surveillance can have deterrent value. Likewise, it allows you to document incidents and provide videos to law enforcement. You also can use live video feeds to direct security personnel to check out suspicious activity on or near the premises.


Many insurance companies prefer that their clients have security cameras. Depending on the value of the assets and the overall risk profile, a location may only be insurable if it has video security equipment. Even if your insurer hasn't pressured you about getting a video surveillance installation, you may want to ask whether they offer a discount for surveillance upgrades.

Significant Foot Traffic

Keeping tabs on visitors and customers is important. Security cameras are useful when a child goes missing at a store, for example. Also, you should have video systems present to record incidents. If someone claims they suffered a slip-and-fall accident at your business, the video may be the best available evidence of whether the accident happened or not.

High-Value Assets

Even if your business is located in a low-crime area and has a very minimal risk profile, the potential loss of high-value assets can be a big deal. Video security equipment is a great way to mitigate those potential risks. You can target surveillance to ensure that the most valuable assets also get the most attention.


Some sites have safety issues. If there's a particularly dangerous part of a construction area, for example, you might want to task video security cameras to watch it. This can significantly improve the response time if something bad happens at the location.

Employee Monitoring 

Businesses also frequently use video surveillance to monitor their employees. A retailer might see a lot of employee theft, for example, and want to keep an eye on potential perpetrators. The video also allows you to check attendance and participation.

If someone files a misconduct claim against the company, video evidence could also be invaluable in figuring out what happened. You can also use video as evidence in workers' compensation cases.

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